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Wired Chicken Inc

Wired Chicken Inc: is an entertaining, idle game-style game. You can become a chicken farmer with unique and rare chicken variations. This game allows you to explore the world of strange chickens with many genetic mutations. Your goal is to unlock all the special chickens and display them in your museum to earn money.
Wired Chicken Inc. gives players a gentle yet challenging entertainment experience. I wish you fun.

How to play Wired Chicken Inc:

• Start by incubating your first egg to add a new chicken to your collection.

• Each chicken will lay more eggs. The rarer the egg, the higher the chance that the chicken you hatch will have an abnormal head, body, or tail.

• The more exotic the chickens, the more likely they are to lay mutant eggs, thereby hatching even more strange and remarkable chickens.

• Use the big book of chicken evolution to keep track of all the bizarre mutations you've collected.

• If your chicken coop is too full, you can also put the less interesting chickens in a large hole in the ground.

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