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Papa's Scooperia

In Papa's Scooperia, you start working at an ice cream shop in town. Your job here is to make the best cookie sundaes to serve your picky customers. You’ll earn points and, maybe, tips from your customers after each serve.

What is Papa's Scooperia

In the game, you will need to take customers’ orders, scoop and bake the dough, and finally add ice cream and other toppings to make your customers' desired cookie sundaes.

Papa's Scooperia is quite similar to other Papa’s food games, except for food items and the food-making process.

Papa's Scooperia: How to play?

If you have played Papa's Pizzeria, Papa's Cupcakeria, or any other Papa’s food games, you’ll know how to play Papa's Scooperia.
Indeed, Papa's Scooperia is quite simple to play. If you are new to Papa's Scooperia, you'll go through a training session where you'll learn everything you need to know about how to play.

Firstly, you have to take the orders at the Order Station.

Then you’ll head to the Dough Station to choose the right dough and dough mixables.

Next, you will move to the Bake Station to bake the cookie dough.

After that, it’s time to hop to the Build Station to add ice cream and other toppings to the cookie sundaes before serving them to the customers.

Try your best to not make your customers wait long.

Bottom line

At higher levels, you’ll need to serve more customers, and they will also have more complex order requirements. As the level goes up, there’ll be more different ice creams, cookie dough, dough mixables, and toppings. So, try to keep yourself from getting overwhelmed by mastering the process and better managing your time.

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