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Papa's Sushiria

In Papa's Sushiria, players will work in a sushi restaurant in town. Try to serve the customers the best sushi rolls as fast as possible to get high points and earn good tips from them.

About Papa's Sushiria

Working in a sushi restaurant, your goal here is to serve your customers the most delicious and beautiful sushi without, of course, making them wait too long. No customer will wait forever for their food.

So, be quick when you take their orders and make your customers’ desired sushi rolls. As long as they are happy and satisfied with your food and service quality, they will give you high scores and good tips.

When you reach higher levels of the game, there will be more and more customers visiting the restaurant to enjoy sushi. Be quick while ensuring you choose the right ingredients that the customers want.

How to play Papa's Sushiria

Here is the basic tutorial to play the game:

As usual, you need to take the customers’ orders first.

Then, you will head to the Cook Station to start preparing the sushi by cooking rice and spreading it on the nori sheet.

Next, move to the Build Station to add the ingredients that the customers want without forgetting the sauce.

Last but not least, you will hop to the Tea Station. Here’s where you will make the drink for your customers.

There’s always a training session for new players at the beginning of the game. So, if you are new to the game, don’t skip it.


Papa's Sushiria has lots of fun. Though the game may seem simple at first, it will become more and more challenging when the level goes up.

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