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Papa's Donuteria

In Papa's Donuteria game, you have to manage a donut shop in Powder Point town. You can play as either Tony or Scooter and start an adventure in another restaurant of Papa Louie.

It's carnival time and you have to serve waves of customers. Take orders, and bake the donuts as fast as you can to make your customers happy. You have to mold, prep, bake, fill, and put toppings on the donuts. There are numerous kinds of stuff that you need to take care of when baking a donut. You have to pay attention to the orders and make them exactly as the customers want. Things will become more complicated when there are more customers visiting the restaurant and you have to deal with them at once.

Papa's Donuteria is a great sequel to the Papa Louie game series! Are you ready to bake delicious donuts to serve customers in the carnival-like town?

How to play

Use your left mouse button to interact in the game.

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