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Papa's Cheeseria

Love Papa’s cooking games, but have you tried making cheesy sandwiches? Not yet? If so, then try Papa's Cheeseria now.

Papa's Cheeseria: What’s this game about?

In the Papa's Cheeseria game, you will work at a restaurant. Your task here is to serve the customers the best hot cheese sandwiches without making them wait too long.

As long as you satisfy the customers and make them happy with your cheesy sandwiches, they will give you the highest points and the biggest tips possible. So, try your best and earn as many points and tips as you can.

Since the restaurant’s menu offers a wide variety of breads, meats, cheeses, and toppings, you will have a lot of work to finish in the Papa's Cheeseria game, especially when you get to the higher levels of the game. Are you ready?

Papa's Cheeseria: How to play the game?

Like in other Papa's cooking games, you need to take orders from the customers first.

Next, you will go to the Build Station to start building a sandwich by choosing the right bread and ingredients that customers want.

After that, switch to the Grill station. Here’s where you’ll drag the sandwich onto the grill to cook it.

Finally, you can head to the Fry station to prepare some fries on the side, depending on the customers’ orders.

Bottom line

It’ll be kind of challenging to finish a workday in Papa's Cheeseria when you play the higher levels and serve a lot more customers with complex order requirements. What an interesting game!

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