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Vex 7

The Vex 7 game is the latest installment in the Vex platform action game series, with challenging and dramatic gameplay. In this game, players will play the role of a flexible stickman character, overcoming mazes full of traps to reach their destination.
Vex 7 is not only an entertaining game but also a challenge to the player's agility and reflexes. Get ready to experience an adventurous and exciting adventure with Vex 7!

How to Play the Game

• Overcoming the Maze of Death: Players will have to control their characters through obstacles. Starting from moveable walls to dangerous electric saws.

• Use Skills to Get Rewards: There are rewards for players if they complete the level without dying once. The player collects a sufficient number of gold coins and completes other tasks.

• Challenge Intuition in the Tower: Players can enter the tower at any time.

Play Tips

• Use parachutes, hooks, TNT, and elixirs to fly further.

• When asked, "Are you okay?" answer "no" to receive short-term immortality.

• Control mastery: success in Vex is all in the smallest details.

• If you feel frustrated, slow down and breathe deeply!

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