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Tiny Fishing

Do you like tiny fishing? Even if you only have access to a computer or a smartphone, you can still fish with this game. After you have begun the game, let's begin by dropping and holding your fishing line as you click and drag your mouse in a left-to-right motion. Move your hook across the screen as you reel in your line to increase your chances of catching fish. When your line reaches the top, you will be compensated for all of the fish that you have caught up to that point. When you venture deeper into the water, there are fewer fish, but you may sell your catch for a higher price.

If you sell the fish you catch, you can use the money to upgrade your fishing equipment. You have the ability to enhance the number of fish that your pole can catch as well as the distance that your line can travel. You will receive a modest amount of gold for each catch, and while you are fishing, there is a possibility that you could come across some hidden treasure.

Tips to increase the number of fish you catch

Spending money is the finest way to make money in fishing, which is why you should do it. Make good use of the money you've made by investing in a more capable fishing rod. You will be able to catch more and better fish if you spend some time perfecting your stick. But be careful; it's easy to spend too much and run out of money if you're not careful. You can carry it out using the funds at your disposal in the traditional manner.

How to play

You can move the hook in any direction by clicking and dragging it, and you should make an effort to reel in as many fish as you can.

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