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Sweetest Pancake Challenge

The Sweetest Pancake Challenge is a fun game suitable for all ages. It requires dexterity, control and a little luck to win. The game's objective is to flip pancakes from one pan to another without them falling to the ground.
You play the game with two pans, each with a different diameter. Place the smaller pan in the center of the table and the larger pan at the table's edge. Players start by placing pancakes on a small pan. They must then tilt the game board to flip the pancake onto a larger pan.
The pancake rolls on the table, and the player must try to drop it into the larger pan. The player loses if the pancake hits the ground. The last player remaining in the game is the winner.
The Sweetest Pancake Challenge is a delightful game to play at parties, family gatherings, or simply for fun. It is a simple but addictive game that will bring laughter and fun to everyone.

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