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Steak And Jake

The puzzle-strategy computer game Steak and Jake was made by Flipline Studios. With Ruffle, you can play this great game again even if you don't have Flash Player. The adventures of Steak, a cow who isn't very good at walking, and Jake, a bird whose color changes, as they bring fresh milk over different types of terrain.

The game has both match-3 and platform elements in its gameplay. In order to alter Jake's color, the player must first click on colored tokens, and then Jake must interact with adversaries and things that are the same color. At the very bottom of the screen, a display of balls of various colors appears. For you to earn points, you will need to pop them. In addition, there is a "boost" button in the game that, if Jake is in possession of the appropriate color, can speed up Steak. A total of fifty levels are included in the game, and each one presents its own unique challenges and opportunities. Because of the pleasant music, you will feel a great deal better.

How to play

Controls: Use the mouse

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