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Penguin Diner 2

In Penguin Diner 2, Penny the Penguin has returned to her house and is prepared to serve customers once again! Penny is dissatisfied with the quality of the food after she returns to her hometown, so she decides to make some adjustments and create her own restaurant.


Play in four entertaining restaurants. The shop has tons of cool upgrades. - You can buy cool-themed diner party packs. - It's fun to dress Penny up in cute outfits. Follow Penny's adventure in a fun comic-style story. Meet the cutest people who live in the Antarctic!

How to play

Help Penny run her restaurant by seating customers, taking their orders, bringing them their food, and cleaning up after they leave. Things can get busy, though, so you have to move fast! Collect the customers' tips and use the money to improve your restaurant and Penny's equipment to make it the best it can be.

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