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Papa's Tea Mia

Papa's Tea Mia is a fun and exciting cooking game where you play as an employee of Papa Louie's tea shop. At the same time, you also have to serve hungry customers delicious and beautiful cups of tea, along with attractive side dishes. You will have to work in three different areas: the ordering area, the tea-making area and the decoration area. Always listen to the customer's request; choose the type of tea, strength, sugar, milk and other ingredients; then decorate the tea cup with cream, syrup, fruit and nuts. You will have to work quickly and accurately to earn lots of tips and bonus points. You can also unlock new teas, ingredients, and decorations as you progress in the game.
Papa's Tea Mia is an entertaining and engaging game suitable for all ages. You will enjoy moments of relaxation and fun when playing this game. When playing the game, you will also learn more about the culture and history of tea, a precious and popular drink in the world. Play this game on various platforms, like a computer, phone, and tablet. You can also share your results and screenshots with friends and relatives via social networks. Try playing Papa's Tea Mia today and discover the magical world of tea!

How to play

• In the ordering area, you will receive customer requests for the type of tea, strength, sugar, milk and other ingredients they want. You will have to memorize or write down these requirements for accurate service.

• In the tea-making area, you will have to choose the type of tea that matches the customer's request, then adjust the strength by dragging the slider. You will have to pour sugar and milk in the customer's desired proportions and add other ingredients such as fruits, nuts, flowers, etc.

• In the decoration area, you will have to decorate the tea cup with cream, syrup, fruit and nuts. You will have to make the tea cup look beautiful and attractive while also complying with customer requests. You will have to use the mouse to drag and drop decorative elements onto the tea cup.

• After completing the cup of tea, you will have to deliver it to the customer and wait for their response. They will judge you on three criteria: ordering, tea making and decoration. You will receive scores and tips depending on customer satisfaction.

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