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Papa's Tea Bobaria

Papa's Tea Bobaria is a bubble tea cooking game where players have to show how good they are at making tea bobas with special friends.
As the game starts, you are looking for work in Sundaepolis when you come across Papa Luigi's restaurant. Papa Luigi is the brother of the famous Papa Louie. 

Tips on How to Play

In this cooking adventure, you show off your skills by making different kinds of rich and relaxing tea for spring, summer, fall, and winter. With 110 different and interesting customers, there is a multiplayer mode that can hold up to 4 people, making the game both cooperative and competitive.

To make things even more exciting, players can celebrate 12 holidays, two of which are brand new, throughout the year. The game takes place in Sakura City, where eight friendly locals are waiting for your delicious bubble tea creations. You'll be led through the journey by cooks Mike and Alejandra, but players can also make their own workers look however they want.

With four different areas, the game offers a dynamic gaming experience: place an order for a station, build one, add a freezer station, or make an extra station. 
Your job is to make sure that every customer gets their favorite flavor of bubble tea quickly and correctly.

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