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Papa's Pastaria

It's time for Papa's Pastaria to put your skills and understanding of Italian cuisine to the test. Papa's Pastaria is a free Papa Louie game that drops players right in the middle of Italy in exchange for a flight to a wedding.

Playing Papa's Pastaria Online

As with most of the Papa Louie games, Papa's Pastaria offers three save slot options when you launch the game. If you are starting a new game, you can choose any save slot. The creation of your character is then requested. The character you choose won't change how you play, but you can choose from Doan, Utah, or make your own custom worker.

A cutscene that explains the backstory will start playing after you have done creating your character. You are cordially invited to Edoardo and Olga's wedding in Portallini. Even if you have previously committed to attending the wedding, there are no accommodations available. How will you proceed? After narrowing the search results, a room does fortunately surface, but there's a catch: To start your new job at Papa Pastria, you will need both a plane ticket and an employee handbook.

You begin Day 1 as soon as you arrive at Papa's Pastaria. Do not be too intimidated by the stations on Day 1 because it is really a training day. Papa Pastria has four stations, as opposed to the usual three in other Papa Louie games:

Any other Papa Louie games that use the same Order Station? When the customer enters, you put the ticket on the line and droop it into the cook station.

This time, all you have to do is take the right kind of pasta and drop it into the water, so the cook station appears a

  • Order Station
  • Cook Station (Boiling Station)
  • Station for Construction
  • The Bread Station

 Wait until the customer's preferred level of pasta is cooked.

After finishing, you transfer the pasta to a plate and proceed to the construction station. In this case, you top the pasta with sauce and garnishes.

You proceed to the bread station after your spaghetti is done. After you've put the bread on the conveyer, it's time to let the customer judge how well you can make pasta.

Here are some more of Papa's Pastaria profit-boosting suggestions. 

A Tip from Papa's Pastaria

If you are short on time, you can shake the pasta strainer to make it strain more quickly. If you shake it too quickly, though, you can lose some of the noodles. Noodle losses result in final point losses.

There is a "Grab-A-Roni" pasta-related mini-game where you may win rewards by playing and earning golden tickets.

Before the game becomes too crazy, get off to a solid start. You want to improve your doorbell to notify you when clients arrive, your cooktop to cook food more quickly, and your alarm to remind you to stir and strain your pasta.

Good luck getting the money you need for the wedding, and don't forget to stir the pasta halfway through cooking!

How to play

Use the MOUSE to play.

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