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Papa's Smootheria

In Papa's Smootheria, you would be in charge of a smoothie business that is located on a tropical island. In this game, you will get the opportunity to meet Moe and Liezel, two new employees who work at a cocktail establishment. In addition, you have the ability to personalize your own character through the menu before beginning the game. At the start of the story, their curiosity is piqued by a recently launched cocktail place, brought to the public by the renowned chef Papa Louis.

The rules of the game Papa's Smootheria

In order to make wonderful smoothies, you would need to accept orders from clients, combine fruits and ice, and add toppings to the mixture. You would also be responsible for managing your time and finances, as well as personalizing your shop and your clothing. If you want to earn more tips, you should strive to provide impeccable service to each and every customer. Papa's Smootheria would be comparable to Papa's Freezer, but it would offer a wider variety of ingredients and drinks to choose from.

How to play

Use mouse and controls to play

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