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Papa’s Sliceria

Papa’s Sliceria is a pizza restaurant management simulation game created by a Flipline Studios fan named SerpentBlade. In this game, you will play one of the familiar characters of the Papa Louie series, such as Cooper, Prudence, Alberto, Penny, and many others. You will have to serve the customers who come to Papa Louie's restaurant by making pizza according to their requests.

The game includes four main stages: the order station, the dough station, the topping station, and the baking station. At the order station, you will take customer orders and record the ingredients and baking time of the pizza. At Dough Station, you will cut a piece of pizza dough and stretch it to fit the cake mold. At the topping station, you will sprinkle toppings and cheese on the pizza in the correct quantity and position requested by the customer. Finally, at Bake Station, you will put the pizza in the oven and wait until it is cooked evenly.

The game has many attractive features, such as diverse types of pizza, rich toppings and cheese, decorations, and accessories for the restaurant. The game also has many different difficulty levels, depending on the number and difficulty of the customers. You will be judged on your accuracy and speed at each stage, and you will receive bonuses and tips from customers.

Papa’s Sliceria is a fun and challenging game for those who love the Papa Louie series and pizza. The game allows you to show off your creativity and management skills, as well as enjoy delicious food.

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