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Papa's Parkeria

Papa's Pancakeria is a fun and exciting cooking game where you will play as an employee of Papa Louie's pancake house. You will have to serve hungry customers delicious and beautiful pancakes, along with attractive side dishes. Listen to customers' requests, choose the type of dough, doneness, quantity and size of banh xeo, then decorate the banh xeo with cream, syrup, fruit and nuts.

Papa's Pancakeria is challenging and requires a lot of your skills and creativity. Bake and decorate diverse and unique pancakes, suitable for each customer's preferences. You will also meet and get to know many cute and funny characters, from friendly customers to difficult customers.

How to play

To play Papa's Pancakeria game, you need to do the following steps:

• In the ordering area, customers will request dough type, doneness, quantity and size of banh xeo, along with decorative ingredients. You will have to memorize or write down these requirements for accurate service.

• In the baking area, you will have to choose the type of dough that meets the customer's requirements, then pour the dough into the pan and bake the cake. You will have to monitor the doneness meter of the pancakes and flip them when necessary. You will have to cook both sides of the pancake evenly and not let it burn or go raw.

• In the decoration area, you will have to decorate the pancakes with cream, syrup, fruits and nuts. You will have to make the banh xeo look beautiful and attractive while also complying with customer requests. You will have to use the mouse to drag and drop decorative ingredients onto the pancakes.

• After completing the banh xeo, you will have to deliver it to the customer and wait for their response. They will judge you on three criteria: ordering, baking and decorating. You will receive scores and tips depending on customer satisfaction.

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