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Papa's Pancakeria

You love pancakes and you are also a fan of Papa’s food games? If so, then Papa's Pancakeria is a must-try game for you. Playing this game is so relaxing. Have you ever tried it?

About Papa's Pancakeria

In Papa's Pancakeria, you will be hired to work at a pancake shop in town, where you will need to take orders from the customers and make the best pancakes in town to keep them happy and give you the highest points and biggest tips.

Papa's Pancakeria is quite the same as the other Papa’s food games in terms of how to play. Of course, food items and the food-making process in the game are still different.

How to play Papa's Pancakeria

Like other Papa’s food games, Papa's Pancakeria is simple to play. The most important thing here is that you should serve your customers with the most delicious and beautiful pancakes without making them wait long. Making them happy helps you earn high points and good tips for sure.

For new players, there’s always a training session with full instructions on how to play Papa's Pancakeria. Well, when you're done with your training at Papa's Pancakeria, you'll be ready to serve customers.

Firstly, you’ll have to take the order, then move to the Grill Station to cook your pancakes. Next, you’ll go to the Build Station to stack pancakes and add toppings before serving them to the customers.

You will have more orders, including complex order requirements, when the level goes up and more customers visit your shop to enjoy the pancakes. So, make sure you work quickly enough to fulfill all of the orders.

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