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Papa's Mochiria

Papa's Mochiria is a simulation business game in the Papa Louie series with a cute and easy-to-use drawing style. Run a coffee shop by coming up with tasty recipes for coffee and macchiato.

At fifteen games, this is the fifteenth Papa Louie restaurant time-management game. Papa Louie's new coffee shop in New Pepperton is now open. They are made to order and have layers of coffee.

The Story of the Game

You can learn a lot about food if you run a coffee shop. We'll run a coffee shop in the game and meet new people every day. You need to serve them coffee and different kinds of desserts. You can learn a lot about coffee and have fun while cooking.

You'll be making espresso, heating and foaming milk, and giving your picky customers drinks with lots of different layers. By making tasty latte and macchiato recipes. You can serve holiday-themed coffee and cookies, get new ingredients, and earn Daily Specials.

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