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Papa's Mocharia

In Papa's Mocharia game, your job is to run a coffee shop and serve delicious drinks and desserts to the customers.

How to play Papa's Mocharia

Papa's Mocharia is a part of the Papa game series. It is a restaurant cooking game in which players have to run a restaurant called Papa's Mocharia set in New Pepperton and owned by Papa Louie. Take orders from the customers, and prepare all kinds of drinks and desserts for the customers.

You have to brew espresso, steam, froth milk, and craft beautiful and delicious drinks for picky customers. As you go through the days, you can unlock new ingredients and recipes.

What's even more? You can customize and decorate the shop to attract more customers.

Game Features

A coffee shop by Papa Louie

Different recipes to master

Hundreds of ingredients to unlock


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