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Papa's Cluckeria

Papa's Cluckeria is a sequel to the Papa's game series. In this part, you have to help Papa Louie run Papa's Cluckeria. Bread, batter, prepare sandwiches, and serve picky customers.

How to play Papa's Cluckeria

The story starts when the Oilseed Springs chicken sandwich restaurant was opened. The rival chefs have gathered all together in town and asked Papa Louie to join the competition. So now you need to be in charge of Papa's Cluckeria. As the customer comes, you have to take orders and then prepare the food as quickly as you can to serve them. There are different kinds of foods that you need to prepare. Bread, batter, and fry foods in order to prepare different kinds of sandwiches. Then add sauces and toppings. 

Try to make foods exactly what the customers order. As you continue to another day, more customers will visit the restaurant and give more complicated orders. You need to be prepared and have great time-management skills to serve them all.

Let's play Papa's Cluckeria and have fun!

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