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Papa’s Canibalia

Papa's Canibalia is a fun and engaging restaurant management simulation game in which you'll help Papa Louie run a restaurant that specializes in human meat dishes. You will have to serve hungry and demanding customers, ranging from taking orders to delivering food.

In this game, you will have to work in four different areas: the order station, the cook station, the station, and the serving station. Each area has a separate job, and you will have to switch between them flexibly.

• At the order station, you will receive orders from customers by dragging and dropping sheets of paper into slots on the table. You will have to remember the customers' requests, such as meat type, sauce, vegetables, and drinks.

• At Cook Station, you will cook human meat dishes to order by dragging and dropping pieces of meat into pots of boiling water pots. You will have to pay attention to the time and temperature of the water pots so as not to avoid burning or undercooking the meat pieces. To remove the cooked meat pieces from the water, drag them onto the trays.

• At Build Station, you will decorate human meat dishes as ordered by dragging and dropping ingredients onto plates as ordered. You will have to arrange the ingredients carefully and beautifully to please your customers. You will also have to cut the pieces of meat into small pieces by dragging the mouse along the lines on the pieces of meat.

• At Serve Station, you will deliver human meat dishes to customers by dragging and dropping plates onto trays. You'll have to choose the right plate for the right customer and seek their advice. You will also have to keep the customers happy by providing them with services such as drinks, cookies, or newspapers.

Papa's Canibalia has beautiful and entertaining graphics, as well as many adorable characters and dishes. The game also features dynamic and creative audio, with multiple music tracks and sound effects to match the game's atmosphere. The game also has a humorous and engaging storyline, with many unexpected situations and events occurring during gameplay.

How to play

Use the mouse to play.

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