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Papa's Burgeria

Are you ready to work in a fast food restaurant and serve hamburgers to your picky customers in Papa's Burgeria?

About Papa's Burgeria

Now you are starting a new job at a fast food restaurant in town. Here, you will need to serve the best hamburgers to the customers. As the level goes up, there’ll be a lot more customers arriving at your place at once to order hamburgers, including super picky customers with complex order requirements. So, get ready to serve them the best and receive high points and good tips from them.

How to play Papa's Burgeria

If you are familiar with Papa’s food games, you will find Papa's Burgeria so easy to play.

But if you have never played any of Papa’s food games before, don’t worry since new players (of Papa's Burgeria or other Papa’s food games) will be instructed on how to play the game through a training session.

Basically, you will go through 3 steps: taking customers’ orders; cooking the patties; and then building the burgers.

More specifically, you will have to take orders from the customers first. After that, you’ll move to the Grill Station to cook and flip burger patties. Next, you’ll head to the Build Station to start building the burgers by stacking the right ingredients.

Of course, you have to serve the burgers as quickly as possible to satisfy the customers and make them happy. If so, you’ll earn lots of points and tips from the customers.

Wrapping up

Papa's Burgeria is a great cooking game that you might want to try. The game appears simple at first, but it’ll become very challenging when you play higher levels.

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