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Papa Louie: When Pizzas Attack

On the list of free Papa Louie games to play online, Papa Louie:When Pizzas Attack is a special game. You must protect Papa Louie's customers from evil ingredients!

Papa Louie: When Pizzas Attack Gameplay.
Papa Louie loves his parties. A party at Papa's Pizzeria is sadly interrupted when Onion Ring enters and taints the orders. All of Papa Louie's pizzas turn into Pizza Monsters and they take all of his customers. His customers have been taken to faraway places, and the player must save them by using the power of the pizza paddle.

All customers must be located in cages by Roy and Papa Luie. To help the players get past the Pizza Monsters' defenses, the first client, a man by the name of Big Pauly, sells them pepper bombs.

Papa Louie's controls are standard for side-scrolling adventures. Players can move by using the left and right arrows; leap by using the space bar once; and double jump by pressing the space bar twice.

Each stage has a limited number of Pizza Monsters. They transform into pizza boxes after they are defeated. You will be given a key to the following level once the customer has been released by standing on the scale with the pizza boxes.

When Pizzas Are Attacked by Papa Louie. 
+ The coins may appear optional, but they are essential for purchasing the necessary items and upgrades that will allow you to save the clients. You can get accomplishments for collecting a specific quantity of coins. 
+ Pressing Z will initiate a standard attack, while holding Z will cause the player to launch a charged assault. 
+ Become accustomed to the pepper bombs' bouncing. After being tossed in an arc, they do bounce again, and perfecting them does take practice. 
+ Do not be concerned about losing one or two hearts. You obviously do not want to lose all of your hearts (as you will be sent back to the beginning of the level), but try not to worry too much if you do.

Save the customers for Papa and resume the pizza party!

How to play

Use the arrows to move, and SPACE BAR to jump.


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