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Papa Louie Night Hunt

Welcome to Papa Louie Night Hunt game, another part of the Papa Louie game series. This time Papa Louie will join an adventure that sets in the dark.

How to play Papa Louie Night Hunt

It's time for another adventure. Papa Louie decided to embark on a night adventure to hunt for coins to run another business. You need to help you overcome numerous challenges and collect as many coins as possible.

The game consists of different levels and each of them features different challenges and coins. The coins are scattered around the map and are waiting for you to collect. Try to collect them all before you proceed to the next level.

As you go further to a higher level, the difficulty will increase and there will be more obstacles.

Game controls

Use the arrow keys to control Papa Louie.

Use Z to attack.

Use X to use the pepper bomb.

Overcome obstacles and collect coins.

If you are ready for the night hunt for coins with Papa Louie, let's start the game!

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