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Papa Louie Moutain Adventure

In Papa Louie Mountain Adventure game, Papa Louie will go on another hunt for gold coins in the mountain. Your goal is to help him collect all coins, overcome challenges, and reach the end.

How to play Papa Louie Mountain Adventure

Papa Louie is set for a new adventure in the mountain. He is looking for more gold coins to grow his business. Your goal is to help him get all of the coins on the path. This game is not easy at all. Because during your adventure, there are many enemies and obstacles that you need to defeat and overcome. The game has 15 levels in total which will surely put your skills to the test.

Try to complete all of the levels and reach the very end without losing all of your lives. This game brings some kinds of power-ups that can be a great help during your adventure.

Control Papa and jump, move, place bombs, or attack to survive.


Use the left or right arrow keys to move.

Use Z to hit the enemy.

Press X to use the bomb.

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