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Papa Louie 4

Papa Louie 4: Tacos Attack is a fun and action-packed game where moving food is attacking and players have to stop them. Fans of the Papa Louie series will enjoy this game, which was made by Flipline Studios and is now available for free without the need for a Flash player.

In the story of the game, Papa Louie comes up with a new, tasty way to make a famous dish. But to everyone's surprise, the food comes to life, which makes things more difficult. Players need to beat the moving food and get rid of it, but it won't be easy.

Players must complete a series of challenging levels set in a village. To get past each stage and move on in the game, players have to avoid different enemies and hurdles.

Papa Louie 4: When Tacos Attack is a fan-made platformer game made by Mr. Morshu, serving as a direct sequel to Papa Louie 3: When Sundaes Attack. Along with adding new enemies and challenges, it keeps the classic platforming features that fans love.

Get ready for a great fight with moving tacos and other food enemies in this fun and exciting journey with Papa Louie. In this exciting game, can you beat the moving food and save the day? Start the trip now and find out!

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