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Papa Louie 3

Papa Louie is back with the third installment, Papa Louie 3. Papa Louie is well-known, especially because he owns and runs a famous chain of restaurants. Right now, in this cool and amazing game, you get to meet a different side of Papa Louie. He's going to show you that he's also a great adventurer, so let's do this as soon as we can. In the third version of this game, Papa Louie really wants to save all the poor prisoners from that prison in the jungle, where it's almost impossible for them to escape.

Let's use the arrow keys to move around with Papa, running when necessary, sliding down hills by pressing the down arrow key, and jumping by pressing and holding the up arrow key for a higher jump.

Also, you have to use the SPACE bar to attack the other monsters that are coming toward you. Good luck, and make sure you pay the right amount of attention to each mission to save Papa's guys. Kill the monsters, collect the bonuses because they might give you new skills, and stop only when you think you've done everything you were supposed to do and saved every prisoner. You lose and die if you get hurt more than three times.

How to play

Use the arrow keys, SPACE bar

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