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Papa Louie 2

Papa Louie 2: When Burgers Attack is one of the newest free Papa Louie games you can play on Play-Games. Papa Louie 2 is a video game that is different from the others in the series. This time, you're not serving your customers, you're saving them!

Playing Papa Louie 2

Like in any other Papa Louie game, everything starts out normal. You pick a place to save, type in your name, and then choose between Marty and Rita. Papa Louie 2's cutscene starts out like any other Papa Louie game. Your character and a coworker are getting ready for a busy day at work on "Free Burger Day." There are a lot of customers, and everything seems normal until a mysterious person walks in.

The mystery customer puts a strange device in the tip jar, which pulls everyone through a portal into a world where the burger ingredients have faces and kill people. It's up to you to save the day by beating these monsters, getting money, and saving the customers!

Papa Louie 2 is easy to play because:

The left and right arrows are used to move forward or backward. 
The down arrow is used to get low or go down ladders. 
The up arrow is used to jump or go up ladders. You can also glide with this command. 
To attack with the spatula, press the space bar.

Papa Louie 2 is not a simulator of a restaurant. Instead, it is a side-scrolling game like Mario. Before you play Papa Louie 2, read the following tips.

You can look at your stats and see who you need to save, kill, or get from the menu.

Papa Louie's 2 Tips

To see your stats, click on the menu at the bottom left. You can also see a list of the people you need to save, the things you need to kill, and the things you need to get. 
When you jump, holding the spacebar down makes you jump higher. 

When you jump on an enemy, they will be stunned. If you are on a higher platform than an enemy, you can sometimes get the jump on them. They won't die from shock, so don't try to jump on them over and over again. Instead, stun them long enough to put a spatula through their face. 

(;) Use the menu to find out more about the bad guys. You'll get a short description of each creature and a death count to show how many of them you've killed. It's a cool thing to add to the story. 

(;) You should earn badges like "Collector" and "Rescuer" along your journey to make more money. Get the points and earn more coins so you can buy upgrades.

Help your customers, and you'll help the world.

How to play

Use the arrows to walk and space to attack.

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