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Metaverse Dash Run

Metaverse Dash Run is an endless-runner game set in a world of tasks and obstacles in the future.

The goal of the game is to run as far as possible while avoiding obstacles and earning coins.

There are many different characters in the game, and each one has its own skills and traits.
To avoid obstacles, players must swipe left or right, and to jump over them, they must swipe up.
The game has power-ups like speed boosts and shields that can be picked up along the way.
There are also boss fights in the game. To move on to the next level, players have to beat a giant robot or other enemies.
There are daily tasks and rewards in the game that give you more coins and boosts.


Get as many coins as you can so you can buy upgrades and boosts.
Use the power-ups wisely to avoid hurdles and beat enemies.
Learn how the hurdles are set up and practice jumping at the right time to avoid them.
Keep an eye out for shortcuts and hidden ways that can lead to more rewards.
Stay on task and move quickly when things change around you.
Features that stand out include futuristic pictures and sound effects that make the game feel more real.
There are a lot of different characters, each with their own skills and traits that make the game interesting and worth playing more than once.
Power-ups and boosts that can be bought with coins make the game more fun.
There are boss fights that make the game more difficult and exciting.
There are daily tasks and prizes that give you more coins and power-ups.

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