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Merge Fruit

Merge Fruit is a physics-based game that is fun, bright, and hard to figure out. You can join different colored fruits together to make bigger ones until you get the biggest fruit in the game. Puzzle fans of all ages will enjoy the game. The game has become famous all over the world because it looks good and is fun to play.

The game Merge Fruit is a fun way to learn about physics. Keep your eyes on the red line at the top of the screen to win the game. Stopping people from getting to the red line at the top of the screen is the objective of the game. To move around in the game's settings, players must use their mice. It takes a left-click on the mouse to drop a piece of fruit. The game is very addicting because of its bright background and fun tasks. Players will want to keep joining fruits until they get the biggest one. There are many ways to play the game, and each one is fun and difficult.

It's easy to play the game. At first, there is a fruit at the top of the screen. The fruit will drop when the player left-clicks it. When the fruit hits the ground, another fruit shows up on the screen. To make a bigger fruit, players must get the second fruit to fall in the same spot as the first one. The players will have to keep combining fruits until they make the biggest fruit. The watermelon is the biggest fruit in the game. As the screen fills up with fruit, a red line will show up. The game is over when a person crosses the line. To win the game, you have to get to the red line after getting the biggest fruit. The goal of the game is to keep players from getting to the red line. It's fun and peaceful to play Merge Fruit. Sharing is possible with other people, and it's fun to play with friends. The game is simple to play; players just need to use their mouse to decide where the fruit should land. Many players have said nice things about the game, and most of them enjoy playing it.

How to play

If you drop two of the same fruit, they will join together to make a bigger fruit.

In charge

Use the mouse to move the fruit around, and click to drop it.
To move the fruit on your phone, tap and hold. Then, let go to drop it.

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