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Jungle Jewels Connect

In this fun and easy game, Jungle Jewels Connect, you have to tap on all the sets of fresh jungle fruit tiles that go together. Try to finish as many levels as you can to get high scores and move up the world leaderboard. Use each tip wisely to find a pair of jungle fruits. Watch the timer and don't let it run out before you clear the board. When you run out of moves, the board will automatically be changed if you still have a Shuffle item. If you don't, the game is over. So keep an eye on what's left in the mix. ENJOY!
There are 3 levels of difficulty, which match the sizes of the boards, Easy, Medium, or Hard Option to show hints, option to shuffle, Global score Supporting 15 languages: English (US), Dutch, French, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Hindi, Japanese, Chinese (simplified), Vietnamese, Turkish, Italian, Indonesian, and Arabic

How to play

Tap on each set of two fresh jungle fruit tiles that can be linked by no more than three lines. (without touching the other tiles). Use hints carefully and keep an eye on the timer and the Shuffle items left.

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