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Infinite Craft

The logic-based creation game, Infinite Craft, allows players to assemble basic components to create a vast array of items. Infinite Craft lets players put together simple parts to make a huge variety of items. These things can be simple materials, complicated structures, or even just thoughts. These are the basic elements: water, fire, wind, and earth. From there, you can find an endless number of ways to combine and make things.

The Most Important Parts: The following are the key components of creating with fire, wind, and earth: In the game's area, you can click and drag parts onto each other to put them together. Each of these unique combos will let you find new items and make more things that you can craft.

Here's an example of a craft method for making a rainbow:

Water + Fire = Steam
Steam + water = cloud
Cloud + Water = Rain
Rain + Cloud = Rainbow
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