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Hide and Escape Puzzle Game

The Hide and Escape Puzzle Game is going to take you on an adventure, so get ready for it! This hide-and-seek game will have you roaring with laughter because of its vibrant graphics, recognizable characters, and unexpected twists and turns. You have the option to conceal yourself, but you can do so any way. Get ready for an adventure that will have you rolling on the floor laughing as you play the hide-and-find puzzle games.

Instructions on how to play

. You will have to find the stick figures hiding in the paintings and pull them out of danger.
. Use the mouse to click on objects in the picture and see if they can move.
. If you find a stick figure, you will have to drag them to a safe spot, usually a hole.
. You need to be quick and skilled to avoid being caught by enemies or falling into traps.

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