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Happy Wheels

With billions of players worldwide, the driving, action, and obstacle-clearing game Happy Wheels is gaining popularity. Your character will undoubtedly suffer an injury in this entertaining game, such as a broken arm or leg, while battling to win. Ragdoll physics is the foundation of Happy Wheels. Driving through dangerous terrain to reach the finish line is a must, even at the risk of severe harm. Driving is challenging! You have to pick the proper character for each stage. Despite its gruesome appearance, this game is incredibly thrilling and unique.You will not stop laughing while playing this game.

Start in a wheelchair, climb a lot of stairs, and watch out for falling objects! Although it seems quite easy, many players have actually had to give up immediately though it seems quite easy, many players have actually had to give up immediately. Your entire head can collide with the obstruction. You'll lose your balance, and your helmet will too! When you are hurt, blood will come out of you. The difficulty of the game increases as you sustain more injuries and attempt to win. The character switch reflects the difficulty of the situation.

The goal is to guide these characters to the finish line while sustaining the fewest injuries possible. The comprehensive level editor also lets you make and share your own unique settings. Try some of the featured levels—the top levels in the game—or one of the over 10 million fan-made levels already available. Happy Wheels is undoubtedly a game for you if you're brave and eager to take on the most difficult obstacles. Will it be possible for you to complete the tasks without bleeding?

More than 60 bizarre and difficult levels
Editor levels that can be modified
Spikes, mines, wrecking balls, harpoons, and other difficult barriers
Smooth graphics with realistic physics

How to play

You can advance while jumping as well. You can move around by using the arrow keys and a few additional keys.

Move with the arrow keys.
Press the space bar to initiate the first action (after ejecting: Grab).

To carry out auxiliary operations, use Shift or Control.
Z is for ejecting. 

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