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Glossy Bubble

The Glossy Bubble game stands out as a new phenomenon, attracting players with its simplicity but no less challenge. This is a colourful ball-shooting game where you will use the keyboard to control and burst the balls that rise from the bottom of the screen.
The goal of the game is to clear as many balls as possible to get the highest score possible. You will enjoy breaking your record by completing endless levels over and over again.

Game Highlights

"Glossy Bubble" offers an extremely colourful interface with the ability to customise the game background and different types of shadows. Simple game mechanics combined with precise aiming create an atmosphere of complete control. Your mission is to burst as many balls as possible with one shot to get a high score.


"Glossy Bubble" is not only an entertaining game but also a challenge to your reflexes and strategic thinking. This game will definitely bring you wonderful moments of entertainment. Join in and see how many points you can get in this fun game.

How to play

Use your mouse or touch screen to aim and shoot the ball.

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