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FNAF Burger

Prepare to become the best burger maker ever, as FNAF Burger! Flip, grind, and stack for a win! This is a fun cartoon cooking game where you can make the tastiest and biggest burgers!
Please join me in the bright world of mechanical food, where Freddy runs his own burger shop! With varying levels of burger-building chaos, you'll be able to slice, grind, and combine burgers like a pro. It's time to show off your culinary skills, from picking out the tastiest items to storing them in a fancy box!

First stop: the area where you can pick up cool ingredients! Enjoy the industrial theme as you choose from a huge collection of engaging animatronics. Each item in this burger is a delicious new take on a classic. Can you handle the stress and make the best choice for your delicious creation? The mechanical milling tasks are next, and it's time to turn up the heat! Use those gears to really grind! Bring out your inner engineer as you create unique gear for your one-of-a-kind burger. Each perfectly ground appliance is like a secret spice that adds a touch of mystery to your culinary masterpiece.

It's now time to assemble the burger, armed with your custom cogs and intimidating ingredients. Put on your cooking hat and get ready to stack those dreaded dishes. Place each portion to balance the taste and add a bit of fear. The animatronics can't wait to insert their metal teeth into your terrifyingly beautiful creation! As you speed through each level, precision and speed are the keys to success! If you want to succeed, you need quick reactions and an eye for detail. Time is running out, but with every perfect burger you make, animatronics around the world will admire you! Now that your burger is fully assembled and looking like a mechanical masterpiece, it's time to ship it! Choose the right box to match the beauty of your work. Along with the story of the famous FNAF Burger, each box has a story hidden inside, along with the famous FNAF Burger.

How to play

Use the left mouse button to move between different levels of the game, select ingredients, and use cooking tools. If you're playing on a phone or tablet, tap the screen.

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