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Endless Hands

Endless Hands: Is your reaction quick enough? Check out Endless Hands! Here, you can use any kind of hand to fight. Can you help the chefs make pizzas that taste great? With Endless Hands, you can now challenge and test your brain. How many levels can you pass?
Key featuers
1. Think about how you react.
2. A lot of different ingredients and sauces.
3. Skins with cute cat claws and cool robot arms.
4. Many levels, from easy to hard.
5. It is simple to learn but difficult to play.
6. There is no time limit.

How to play

1. Touch the screen to put the toppings on the pizza in the order that the customer asked for.
2. Tap the pizza quickly and continuously to add sauce.
3. Watch how the thief (in black) moves because he will steal the pizza.
4. Watch out for the troublemaker (in red), because no one knows what he will put on the pizza.
5. A square family pizza, equivalent to two round pizzas! The price does not go up because the size is getting bigger. People will love it.

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