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Based on the classic AA game, Coreball is an entertaining and compulsive online game. Are you at the top of the scoreboard in terms of points?

The objective of coreball is straightforward: you must simply throw the ball into the coreball while avoiding making contact with any of the other balls. If you are able to throw the ball in the right direction, you will advance to the next level. When it was first released, this game had a straightforward premise: a ball in the middle of the screen that would roll around. It is necessary to launch the "coreball" over a collection of other balls in order to get the device to spin. One is able to progress through all sixty levels of the game. However, the game has recently been updated visually and given more stages, increasing the total number of stages to 91. These stages feature a wide variety of unique and engaging environments. Do you want to see how good you are?

How to play

Either by touching the screen or using the mouse, you can participate in the game.

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