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Cooking Frenzy

Cooking Frenzy is an online cooking simulation game in which you will play as a famous chef and create delicious dishes for your customers. Every dish you cook not only makes your customers happy but also earns you money. Follow the on-screen instructions and use your mouse to select and drag ingredients and tools. Perform different steps, from washing and cutting vegetables to grilling and decorating dishes. Be quick and skillful so as not to spoil the dish or upset customers.

You will have to overcome many different levels, from simple dishes to complex and unique dishes. Explore different places and culinary cultures, from European and Asian restaurants to street food stalls to luxurious parties. This gourmet journey will take you from extreme hardships to stylish chandeliers. You will have the chance to become the ultimate chef and restaurateur!

How to play

Use mouse or touch screen to play.

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