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Cookie Clicker

Play idle clicker games all the time? The fantastic clicker game Cookie Clicker may be played in your browser. Play for free online without downloading or installing.
It's time to enjoy the fascinating and simple game of creating cookies.
Everything is extremely simple.
To begin baking cookies, click on the cookie.
Use cookie earnings to purchase upgraded items.
Some enhancements raise click-through rates, while others let you bake cookies automatically, giving your production of cookies a steady boost. That is how Cookie Clicker amuses its users. Keep browsing and make yourself a cup of tea.
To quickly become the new King of the Cookie Clicker, open all upgrades.

A continuously entertaining game!
Everyone in the community praised the excellent game. a setting that is suitable for your growth and freedom of exploration.
All of your achievements are preserved even if you log out and can be retrieved at any time.
Everyone enjoys the game. The item merits five stars.

There are numerous enhancements to discover. You should invest in production tools such as machines, and many other items. It helps you to be an idler while making cakes.
You can develop your own concepts and establish your bakery.

Smooth gaming and no intrusive adverts
It's simple to make billions of cookies in a single day.
Click more and more quickly.

Cookie Clicker enables you to play on iOS, Android, and iPad smart devices.

If you enjoy Cookie Clicker 3, you can play it whenever you want, whether you're at work, home, or school. You'll feel less worn out, have more creative energy, and be able to grow. You'll eventually become a wealthy man.
The entire setup is prepared and ready for you to begin.
Move along!

When you run out of cookies, use upgrades to gain more. Determine how many times you want to purchase each item because the cost of each upgrade will rise exponentially, costing 15% more than the previous purchase.
Now, can you demonstrate how to bake one quadrillion cookies?

How to play

Left-click on the cookie to make cookies
Left-click to buy items of upgrade with menu items
Try to do not use cheats and add-ons

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